Apple + Avnera

Made for iPod®, iPad® and iPhone® (MFi)

Today, Avnera has developed a complete platform solution for the next generation of iOS accessories. The platform is based on Avnera’s LightX ASoCs.

For general information about the Apple MFi program and LAM2, visit the Apple MFi website.

Additional specifications and software for the LAM2 are available under Restricted Non-disclosure Agreement (RNDA) and license from Avnera Corporation and can be requested by emailing with the following information:

  • Email subject should contain "Technical Support for LAM2"
  • Requesting Company Legal Name
  • Requesting Company Legal Address
  • Apple MFi License Number
  • MFi Primary Contact (name, email address)
  • Summary of Support Request

For all MFi-related support, contact us at